How to care for your hair after the summer?

Repairing your hair after the summer

It's time to get back in the office and but have damaged hair? Your hair looks like straw when you get back from vacation with split ends and brittle tips. Don't panic, we've put together a complete guide with our best tips on how to repair and care for your hair after the summer season for shiny, supple hair every day!

How does your hair get damaged in the summer?

While summertime is synonymous with sunshine and letting go, your hair is put to the test. Chlorine from the pool, salt from the sea, wind and UV rays can make your hair dull, rough, and brittle.

Chlorinated pool water dries out your hair fiber by eliminating its natural protective oil. Lacking sebum, your hair is rendered fragile, even dehydrated, which causes that dreaded straw effect. Chlorine from the pool also makes your hair thinner and more porous. Color-treated hair is more sensitive and can turn green, which is why it is recommended to wash your hair after each swim to eliminate any residue and oxidized metals.

During the summer, sun naturally lightens your hair and stimulates keratin production, or hair growth. But beware, UV rays can also deteriorate the quality of your hair by making it more fragile. Combined with sea water, your scalp is dehydrated and your hair can get dried out and damaged. To repair your hair after the summer, but more importantly to protect your hair from the sun, our beauty gummies have been specially formulated to deeply rehydrate and strengthen it. Perfect to take before, during and after your vacations, our Beauty food supplements will restore shine to your hair and in perfect health to start off the new season.

Our tips for regaining healthy hair

Vacation is over, now it’s time to give your hair what it needs. To do so, here are some of our best tips on how to regain healthy hair to start off the season right.

Provide appropriate care

You get home and your hair is dry and brittle. You're probably wondering where to start? Repairing your hair after the summer will entail starting with a beauty routine depending on the type of hair fiber you have. Most importantly, you'll need to deeply rehydrate your hair with a hair mask or a nourishing repair oil to give it the shine and manageability it needs. Vegetable oils such as coconut, avocado or olive oil do the best job at repairing your hair. If your hair is very damaged, leave the mask on overnight if necessary before rinsing and then shampooing as usual.

Don’t over wash your hair

After every swim this summer, you've been washing your hair to get rid of the chlorine, sea salt, or even sand. Nevertheless, your hair is dull and even drier than ever. This is normal, as frequent washing causes dryness due to the composition of hair care products and certain shampoos that irritate and attack both your hair fiber and scalp.

We advise you to wash your hair once or twice a week maximum. If necessary, use a dry shampoo to remove any impurities.

Avoid dyeing your hair after the summer

Beware of chemical coloring, bleaching, and highlighting, especially if you want to take care of your hair after returning from vacation. Before coloring your hair, you need to make sure you have a healthy head of hair. After the summer, your hair is often even more damaged. It is dryer and more porous and therefore more sensitive to external factors. There is no need to make your hair even more fragile by oxidizing it. To avoid damaging your locks of hair, allow a few weeks to go by before applying a new color or balayage.

Let your hair dry naturally

As you now know, avoiding all kinds of external factors such as using chemical products is the best way to repair your hair after the summer season. After each wash, let your hair dry naturally by gently wringing it out. Avoid using a hair dryer or straightening iron, which stresses and dry out the hair's cuticles.

Adjust your diet

Your hair's health also depends on what you eat. Certain foods, such as zinc or copper, stimulate hair growth while others limit hair loss. So in order to repair your hair after the summer season and have a healthy head of hair, opt for a healthy and balanced diet, rich in fiber, vitamins, and trace elements.

Trim your tips after summer

There's nothing better than a trip to the hairdresser for a quick trim to get your hair back to a healthy start. Especially if your hair is damaged with split ends after returning from vacation. Dry hair can be rehydrated with nourishing and repairing treatments such as masks or a scalp scrub, but it can't be fixed if it's broken beyond repair. The best solution is to trim off split ends and damaged tips. Think about it for the fall!

Food supplements: a good way to repair your hair after the summer

Before the Fall season, give your hair a boost with food supplements specially formulated for hair health and beauty. A natural routine that will help your hair restore its shine, manageability and vitality.

Our beauty gummies are formulated with biotin, zinc, hyaluronic acid ,and vitamin C to give your hair softness, shine, and vitality. Biotin, also called vitamin B8, is essential to our body, stimulates hair growth and plays an essential role in synthesizing keratin. Because it is not sufficiently stored in our bodies, it is important to compensate for this lack by consuming foods rich in biotin or by taking supplements to fight against dull hair and brittle nails.

Another key ingredient in our food supplements is hyaluronic acid. Naturally present in our body, it is produced less and less over time, yet its role is essential. Hyaluronic acid maintains your hair and skin’s elasticity, while supporting hydration.

There is nothing like treating yourself to a special hair beauty routine to say goodbye to straw hair after the summer season and at the same time adapting your diet. Take a treatment our beauty supplements, full of powerful and carefully selected active ingredients, to help strengthen your hair's health. Look nice going back to work and fill up on vitamins!

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