The best energy-boosting herbs

The end of the summer and the arrival of Fall are wearing you out, and you feel like you are gradually losing your overall energy and that good mood you had during the whole summer...? Learn our tips to fight fatigue with our top 5 best energy-boosting herbs !

Possible causes for lack in energy

Possible causes for lack in energy

When fatigue persists even though you are getting rest, it is possible that you are experiencing an overall drop in your body's energy levels: this is called asthenia.

This generalized and persistent fatigue is often the result of a combination of several factors that may be related to your lifestyle, your body, or your environment. Here are some possible causes:

  • Sleep disorders: lack of sleep, insomnia, sleep apnea, night wakings... ;
  • Anxiety and stress;
  • Inadequate physical activity: too intense or, inversely, too little;
  • Depression or a depressive period ;
  • Dietary deficiencies…

A lack in energy can also be the result of a surgical operation, taking medication or an illness whether chronic or not (infectious diseases, cancers, neurological disorders, endocrine diseases...). In rare cases, a person can be affected by chronic fatigue syndrome. In case of prolonged fatigue, a medical opinion is recommended to identify its cause and to prescribe appropriate treatment.

Our top 5 best energy-boosting herbs

To help you boost your energy levels on a daily basis, Nature is full of energy-giving plants. They can be taken as a treatment for a few weeks to a few months and will help you face everyday life with more peace of mind and better cope with the changing seasons!

1. Guarana

Guarana is a plant native to the Amazon that Native Americans consumed thousands of years ago to help them cope with hunger when food resources were scarce. Guarana is especially rich in caffeine, which makes this plant naturally one of the most useful energy-boosting herbs to help fight fatigue. It can also help improve your cognitive abilities, such as concentration and memory.

Often found in energy drinks, guarana can be very concentrated in caffeine for such products, so be sure to read the labels carefully so as to avoid overdosing if you drink coffee during the day or take a dietary supplement that also contains it.

2. Ginger


Widely used in cooking, ginger is also one of the best herbal energizers to take to boost your energy levels. Originating from the south of India and China, ginger has been used as a food and medicinal plant for over 5,000 years. This rhizome is now cultivated all over the world.

Among its various properties (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory...), ginger also has an anti-fatigue effect since it contains several nutrients that stimulate the body, in addition to helping strengthen natural defenses. Useful in Fall and Winter!

To use ginger on a daily basis, there is nothing simpler: fresh or dried, it will be a perfect addition to your dishes without adding to your calorie count! You can also eat it candied or in juice at any time of the day.

3. Maca

Originating from the high plains of the Andes, maca (also called Peruvian ginseng) is a plant that has been cultivated for several thousand years. Even today, Peruvians in this part of the world continue to take this energizing and stimulating plant on a daily basis.

The root is the part of the plant which contributes to restoring energy both physically and mentally. It is also said to have positive benefits on strengthening the immune system and supporting libido in men and women.

Maca can be taken in the form of capsules or in powder form to add to a drink for example. It is recommended to take at most 1.5 grams of maca per day in three doses.

4. Peppermint


Used by the Egyptians in ancient Egypt, peppermint is an energizing herb that has survived through the ages. Once used for its aroma, peppermint was also used in cooking by the Romans. It is finally in the form of essential oil that this energizing plant is the most consumed today.

Peppermint helps soothe everyday aches and pains (irritable bowel syndrome, digestive problems, headaches...) which may indirectly help remediate your lack of energy. Its refreshing and stimulating, and its envigorating smell is an immediate boost!

Depending on your needs, using peppermint may vary. You can find it in the form of an herbal infusion, use it diluted in vegetable oil for a massage, or use it as aromatherapy treatment as soon as the need arises.

5. Ginseng

Asian ginseng (Panax Ginseng) is an herbal energizing plant recorded in traditional Chinese medicine. Used for more than 2,000 years in China, it was introduced to South America in the 18th century to create a new variety: North American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius).

This root helps stimulate your immune system as well as your cognitive functions. Ginseng is strongly recommended to provide positive physical and intellectual energy, which will not only help you fight against physical fatigue, but also mental and emotional fatigue. You can take ginseng in the form of a standardized concentrate 200 mg one to three times a day.

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