5 tips to reduce back-to-work fatigue

5 tips to reduce back-to-work fatigue

Vacation has come to an end but the very idea of going back to work is already draining you. Decreased energy, sleep disorders, difficulty concentrating... How can you protect yourself from back-to-office fatigue? Here are 5 wellness tips to counteract groggy mornings and recharge your batteries.

1. Start a vitamin treatment to fight against back-to-work fatigue

Running low on energy means a decrease in immune defenses. Persistent fatigue can therfore lead to a weakened immune system. To regain energy and vitality, we recommend that you fill up on seasonal fruits and vegetables.

If you are feeling tired, food supplements are also recommended. Our energy gummies which are real concentrates of vitamins and minerals, have been designed to reduce fatigue. Their Guarana, Ginseng, Goji berries and Vitamin C based formula will give back all the energy and endurance your body needs.

Magnesium, which is a good ally against depression, is also an excellent mineral to counter the signs of fatigue. Magnesium is essential to the body's normal functioning, but a lack of it can lead to stress, anxiety and fatigue. It can also be found in dark chocolate, bananas, and dried fruits.

2. Make time for yourself

Although practicing a physical activity is important to getting back into shape, rest is just as important! Taking time for yourself is key to reconnecting. If you don't take care of yourself, your state of fatigue will only get worse.

So how should you go about setting up a wellness routine to replenish your energy? At Les Mium Lab, we have many health tips to share with you, including the benefits of meditation to disconnect. Start living the slow life and enjoy the present moment. Treat yourself to a massage at your favorite spa, for example. The most important thing is to think of yourself and be well-rested to face the year ahead.

3. Anticipate and plan

Starting up work again is often a source of fatigue and exhaustion, as we all know. So getting organized and learning to say stop should become a priority so that you don't get overwhelmed by the pressures of everyday life. The key to getting back to work in with peace of mind without exhausting yourself is to anticipate what's to come!

A checklist is the ideal way to prevent you from being mentally overwhelmed. Sort, prioritize and tidy up to see things more clearly. Delegate tasks if you feel the need to, especially if you're tired from being at the office. Being well organized when you return from vacation is not just a matter of tidying up and planning: it is above all a state of mind that will help you face what's to come.

4. Practice a physical activity

Being physically active strengthens our immune system by providing our body with the strength and energy it needs. According to Professor Xavier Bigard, President of the French Society of Exercise and Sports Medicine, " with regular physical activity, the sense of fatigue is reduced. The muscle are better trained and can resist the onset of fatigue."

To quickly get back in shape, Here are 4 recommended sports activities when you return from vacation:

  • Fitness with an exercise mat as your only accessory. A few exercises in the comfort of your own home with a good dose of motivation and that's it!
  • Cycling, an ideal sport to get some fresh air and relax after a long day of work.
  • Running, at home on a treadmill or in the countryside, alone or with a partner, it's the easiest sport to practice to stay in shape.
  • Yoga, a great way to fight fatigue and strengthen your core muscles, and put you in the right state of mind.

5. Get to bed early

Several studies have shown that poor sleep hygiene inevitably leads to sleeping disorders, that result in chronic fatigue. To get back into the swing of things, the National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance (INSV) recommends establishing a routine with regular bedtimes.

Some tips to get better sleep:

  • Avoid checking your emails or other social media networks right before going to sleep.
  • Eat light meals and drink water with your dinner.

To sum things up, you are aware that back-to-work fatigue is synonymous with burnouts, stress, and emotional strain. Being properly organized is the key to achieving a better balance between work and well-being. You should also take breaks that make you feel good, practice a physical activity that suits you and not go to bed too late to be in shape. Our Energy food supplements will be your best anti-fatigue allies to regain energy and vitality. Get back to your daily routine with a smile!

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