The top five plants to help you de-stress!

Feeling stressed or burned out at work or with exams? Every day, we face different stress scenarios. Some plants soothe us and boost our body’s natural resistance to stress as well as improving sleep quality. Here are the top five plants to help you de-stress!

De-stress with this best selection of plants!

Rhodiola increases the body’s stress resistance

la rhodiola pour lutter naturellement contre le stress

Rhodiola or golden root hails its origins from Siberia. It grows mainly in the Arctic and mountainous regions of Europe. It’s one of the most commonly used anti-stress herbal medicines. It is used to combat stress, anxiety and physical and mental exhaustion. It has long been recognised as an “adaptogen”. In other words, it increases your body’s resistance to stress. In particular, it suppresses the production of cortisol, the primary stress hormone. Rhodiola’s antioxidant properties protect the nervous system from damage caused by stress-induced free radicals. It gives a boost to anyone looking to get back into a peaceful frame of mind after feeling burnt out.

Hawthorn, the perfect plant to treat anxiety and calm nerves

l'aubépine pour réduire la nervosité et l'anxiété

Hawthorn is known for its soothing qualities. It contains powerful flavonoids (hyperoside and vitexin) as well as procyanidins, which reduce nervousness and associated physical manifestations (e.g. muscle spasms and heart palpitations). We recommend hawthorn for its relieving and spasmolytic qualities in the fight against nervous agitation and sleep disorders. Hawthorn works well on people showing signs of temporary irritability. Parts of hawthorn, including its flowering tops, leaves and fruit, are used as a stress and anxiety supplement.

Keep calm and take lemon balm!

la mélisse favorise la relaxation

Lemon balm is technically classified as “Melissa officinalis”. It is frequently found in sleep-inducing supplements since it eases body stress and creates an environment conducive to relaxation. It contains several active ingredients such as aldehydes and terpene alcohols (eugenol, geraniol, linalool, etc.), which have neurotonic and antispasmodic effects. The combined alcohols make lemon balm a highly effective anti-stress and anxiety plant. Lemon balm may be taken on its own or together with the California poppy. The latter are alkaloid-rich, meaning they have sedative properties to beat insomnia caused by anxiety and mental disturbance.

Counter mild to moderate depression by taking St. John's Wort

le millepertuis contre l'agitation mentale et la dépression

We recommend St. John’s Wort to anyone suffering from stress, mood swings or temporary depression. Its active ingredients - hypericin, hyperforin and flavonoids - activate our brain’s neurotransmitters to drive focus and regulate emotions and mood. When someone is depressed, all of these become unbalanced. Furthermore, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has determined the use of St. John’s Wort as “clinically established” in the treatment of mild to moderate depression. Despite its natural anti-depressant status, St. John’s Wort is currently deemed an inadequate treatment for severe depression. When you take St. John’s Wort, you must monitor your body’s performance. There is a risk of drug interaction with birth control pills, antidepressants, anxiolytics and anticoagulants, leading to side effects.

Calm your nerves with passionflower!

la passiflore contre la nervosité

The English word “passionflower” is derived from the Latin noun Passiflora incarnata, loosely translated as a “wild passion flower”. It’s an essentially soothing plant. Passionflower actively combats stress-related nervous strain, relentlessness and irritability. Its upper parts are packed with flavonoids, alkaloids and maltol. They have sedative and relaxing properties. The above active ingredients make it a high-performing anti-stress plant that limits nervous disorders and counters sleep disturbance.

Stress and anxiety food supplements

We advise taking stress supplements to help you get through the start of the school year. Such additives give you peace of mind and curb adverse stress-related effects on the body. Our anti-stress supplement aims to prevent anxiety and stress damage on our bodies. Our supplement is made from rhodiola, hawthorn, gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) and vitamin B6.

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