How to deal with back-to-school stress?

Every year, there's a time that children and (sometimes even adults!) start to dread...going back to school! Discover our tips on managing the stress it may cause and how to face it with more peace of mind.

Why is the back to school period so stressful ?

According to IPSOS, nearly 30% of parents say they feel anxious about the new school year.

But why is it that we feel stress as the school year gets closer and closer? It is in fact a combination of several factors...

This year' s vacations were a source of relaxation after a year that turned out to be more than complicated in terms of the economy and health. Our pace is gentler, we get torelax more and spend more time with our families, which helps us unwind and release all the stress we have accumulated. The new school year is often rhymes with routine, family, personal and professional obligations...mixed with uncertainties about changing health conditions, especially in the workplace or for extra-curricular activities. As for the children, the same thing can be observed: they are anxious at the idea of changing classes, friends and environment. In short, they are afraid of the unknown! It's up to us parents to find the right words to reassure them, and especially to communicate and detect any signs of discomfort.

How to get off to the right start? Our Mium Lab* advice!

Although the beginning of the school year can be synonymous with stress, it can also a good time to try out new things and improve your daily life by introducing a few practical tips:

1. Make sure you are well organized

This new 2022 school year is quite different from the previous ones with brand new health regulations to follow. In order to face it with peace of mind, being informed is essential to planning things out right and not disturbing your children's daily lives! Enrollment requirements for extracurricular activities, vaccination appointments, mandatory health passes...find out from verified sources so that you can organize your life in advance and limit stress as much as possible. Get into the habit of preparing everything you can the night before (children's clothes, snacks...) to save time in the morning and avoid starting the day stressed out.

2. Test out new routines

During summer vacation, our daily routine shifts to a less hectic schedule. Why not prolong your light routine a little when you return to work? Whenever possible, avoid putting too much pressure on yourself to complete tasks and appointments that can wait (a little longer)!

Getting back to school is a good time to try out new routines, such as the miracle morning or meditation. The idea is to make back-to-school an incentive to change what doesn't work for you anymore, and instead find new, more positive things to incorporate into your daily life.

3. Get as much physical exercise as you need

During summer vacation, you usually move around more than usual: hiking, swimming, water sports... At Les Mium Lab, we regularly praise the benefits of physical activity on our blog, and not without good reason! It is in fact a great way to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. The back to school period is the perfect time to sign up for new classes and start finding the activity that you like best over the long term. Many clubs offer trial sessions or classes, so don't hesitate to take advantage of them and let your children benefit too!

Allow yourself time to rest

Although physical activity is important, getting rest is just as important! Coming back from vacation often means a drop in your liveliness and your morale. To recharge your batteries, set aside some time just for yourself whenever possible: a hot bath, reading, music... On weekends, take advantage of the still mild temperatures of September to get away from it all and rediscover your city, department, or region. A good way to prolong your vacation!

As for sleep, don't hesitate to test out mobile applications to fall asleep as well as new relaxation techniques to help you close your eyes and wake up well-rested.

Take food supplements to give yourself a boost

Need an energy boost or just some relaxation? Food supplements can help to support your vitality and to face the new school year with greater peace of mind. Browse our e-shop to find out more about our energy and stress food supplements for adults, and multivitamins for children: in the form of flavored gummies, our supplements contain a synergy of active ingredients and vitamins selected for their revitalizing and relaxing properties. Take them on their own or combined with each other depending on your needs. You are gonna love this new 2022 school year!

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